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Tourist Visa | Visit Visa

Tourist visa or a Travel Visa allow the person to enter a foreign country to visit friends, family, explore the touristic destinations and leisure purposes only. These visas allow travellers to stay for a limited duration and the visa do not permit the holder to work or engage in any business activities of the host country.

Business Visa | Work Visa

A Business Visa is a short stay visa which permits the conveyor to enter the host nation and take part in business exercises up to 30 to 90 days inside a half year except if it isn’t determined in the visa sticker. An individual may require a business visa on the off chance that they are venturing out to work with another organization or to go to attend a conference or meeitng.

Transit Visa

Travellers may sometimes require transit visas in order to pass through a country that is not their destination country. Transit visas are typically required if you have a layover in a country of more than a few hours. 

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China Visa

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Lebanon Visa

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Maldives Visa

Mongolia Visa

Myanmar Visa

Nepal Visa

North Korea Visa

Oman Visa

Pakistan Visa

Palestine Visa

Philippines Visa

Qatar Visa

Russia Visa

Saudi Arabia Visa

Singapore Visa

South Korea Visa

Sri Lanka Visa

Syria Visa

Taiwan Visa

Tajikistan Visa

Thailand Visa

Timor-Leste Visa

Turkey Visa

Turkmenistan Visa

United Arab Emirates Visa

Uzbekistan Visa

Vietnam Visa

Yemen Visa

Schengen Countries (European)

Andorra Visa

Armenia Visa

Austria Visa

Azerbaijan Visa

Belarus Visa

Belgium Visa

Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa

Bulgaria Visa

Croatia Visa

Cyprus Visa

Czechia Visa

Estonia Visa

Finland Visa

Denmark Visa

France Visa

Georgia Visa

Germany Visa

Greece Visa

Hungary Visa

Iceland Visa

Ireland Visa

Italy Visa

Kazakhstan Visa

Kosovo Visa

Latvia Visa

Liechtenstein Visa

Lithuania Visa

Luxembourg Visa

Malta Visa

Moldova Visa

Monaco Visa

Montenegro Visa

Netherlands Visa

North Macedonia (formerly Macedonia) Visa

Norway Visa

Russia Visa

Poland Visa

Portugal Visa

Romania Visa

San Marino Visa

Serbia Visa

Slovakia Visa

Slovenia Visa

Sweden Visa

Spain Visa

Switzerland Visa

Turkey Visa

Ukraine Visa

United Kingdom (UK) Visa

Vatican City (Holy See) Visa

American Countries

Antigua and Barbuda Visa

Argentina Visa

Bahamas Visa

Barbados Visa

Belize Visa

Bolivia Visa

Brazil Visa

Canada Visa

Chile Visa

Colombia Visa

Costa Rica Visa

Cuba Visa

Dominica Visa

Dominican Republic Visa

Ecuador Visa

El Salvador Visa

Grenada Visa

Guatemala Visa

Guyana Visa

Haiti Visa

Honduras Visa

Jamaica Visa

Mexico Visa

Nicaragua Visa

Panama Visa

Paraguay Visa

Peru Visa

Saint Kitts and Nevis Visa

Saint Lucia Visa

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Visa

Suriname Visa

Trinidad and Tobago Visa

Uruguay Visa

USA Visa

Venezuela Visa

African Countries

Mozambique Visa

Namibia Visa

Niger Visa

Nigeria Visa

Rwanda Visa

Sao Tome and Principe Visa

Senegal Visa

Seychelles Visa

Sierra Leone Visa

Somalia Visa

South Africa Visa

South Sudan Visa

Sudan Visa

Tanzania Visa

Togo Visa

Tunisia Visa

Uganda Visa

Zambia Visa

Zimbabwe Visa

Oceana Countries

Australia Visa

Fiji Visa

Kiribati Visa

Marshall Islands Visa

Micronesia Visa

Nauru Visa

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Palau Visa

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Samoa Visa

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Tonga Visa

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